The Fairytale begins...Karla Claus was not destined to be a dentist hygienist nor a common crafter.   Rather her love of woodworking, mosaic tiles, and stained glass led her to develop her own brand of "princess" furniture.  She recalls as a youth how often she would try to embellish a common household item to make it more special.  She attributes her do-it-yourself personality to a family of artisans.  "Around Christmas time, there were a handful of projects and ornaments to be made".  

Her passion for architectural details challenged her to create original resin appliques. " Decorative accents of spiraling ribbons and carved roses complete the look with a nostalgic flourish." explains Karla.  In fact, her trays of  resin appliques came about through years of mold development.  Hand applied by a team of trained artisans and delicately brush-finished to produce an authentic reproduction, Villa Bella furnishings are to be treasured for years to come.

She describes "No piece of old furniture is safe from some sort of manipulation.  Details just add character to any piece."

To complete the ultimate romantic Victorian look, she has designed a complete bedroom ensemble from knightly headboards topped with a draped bedcrown to fantasy mirrors and extravagant end tables.  Look forward to her new line of bookcases, side chairs, and wall art in the new year.

As Karla's designs are replicated and shared in many homes, her creative energy never seems to cease as she dreams of new ways to bring romance into your home.

Phone 714-600-0624, 
fax : 714-242-0111
 based in California.  Calls are welcome 7 days a week.
Thank you, Karla Claus